Best SEO Tools to Promote Small Business

Why SEO tools are used

If you want to promote your business there are many tools of SEO which helped you. For small businesses to rank up top on the search engine, SEO plays an important role. There are many SEO activities like competitor research, Knowledge about rank, backlink checking, keyword research, Track traffic, conversion trends page optimization, site optimization, etc. but this needs to be done daily. For this, you have to choose a useful tool. That will help you to boost your business. These are the Top 5 tool: –

Google Analytics

It is a web analytic service given by google in 2005 to spot web traffic. it’s one of the simplest SEO tools which is a free website analytics tool. it’s a useful resource that’s virtually indispensable to any digital marketer about SEO. it’s too important for a digital marketer like water is for humans. It helps you to analyst your every report. It helps you to spot
• Traffic rate
• sources
• Time Traffic
• Page speed



It is another free tool which is provided by Google to create your product simple, easy to read, easy to share, and customize your dashboard, also Visualize your data, make your website data easy to easy which magnetize visitor, also facilitate you to use other Google tools. It pulls different data sources into one report. And also customize five reports free.

Website: –


It is also a free SEO tool that adds Chrome Extension that makes it easy to get link metrics and do all your SEO on the go. It shows link metrics for pages and domains as you search, displaying the Domain Authority, Page Authority, and the number of backlinks for sites as you search. It overlays gives critical information of given query, instant domain, and page statistics. it provides

  • On-page elements,
  • HTTP status codes,
  • link metrics,
  • schema markup,
  • keyword difficulty
    in only 1 click! It is the single most useful item in the SEO toolbox, stop wasting your time, get the best result from it!
    Website: –


It is also the most powerful tool for SEO to promote your small business. It is a free software given by Google which helps you to

  • maintain monitor,
  • troubleshoot your site in Google Search
    It helps you to understand and improve how Google sees your site. But many people do not use it. Here are six tips of google search console for small business
    (It is a file where you provide information about your PAGE)
    For Example,
    (you have to check that there is no error on your site. And you don’t have to check error every hour)
    (many people are using mobiles phone daily and open many websites on their phone so you should have the best mobile version of your site)
    (use a simple world that will visitor in search)
    (always set your goals)
    (Make sure that you always put your eye on your work and also track it)
    Website: –

Human Tool

As you can use many tools but you cannot understand it properly so for best work you have to concert with some experts which are professional in this field or digital expert which under review your website and make it best!


By using many tools, it helps marketers to examine

  • Real-time data
  • Key metrics
  • Latest trends

It empowers small business owners. And help them to promote their business in their fields

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