Everyday is a Second Chance

Remember that Everyday is a second chance, forget what had happened in the past. Look forward to a new day with lots of achievement, because the awesomeness is yet to come! keep dreaming keep enjoying your life. As you’re not going to get this treasure again so Smile each day!! Graphics: ©TheLearnify  

Who are The Real Winners

The real winners are always the onse who work really hard. They never afraid of trying something new because they know they can lose something in this journey but they will achieve something better. They don’t listen to people who say that you can not do. They are stubborn about their goal and flexible about their methods. They don’t look at the clock they look at their success. Be the real winner be yourself. Set your Read more…

DIY Mehndi Designs 2016 Simple and Elegant

Don’t miss out these beautiful mehndi designs. Celebrate Eid with love, empathy, peace and elegant mehndi.  😀 Hands Feet    Designs for Babies I hope you will like this collection. Share with your friends and enjoy eid eith simple snd elegant designs. Also try 10 quick and easy hairstyle step by step. I woulde like to know about your favourite design? Share ypur thought in comments box. Thank you! Image source:

Make up tutorial

Inner Beauty Booster Make Up Tutorial

You have all perfect things to rule the world and You spent 90 minutes on your hair do and makeup but before sitting in the car, you turned back to see your final look in the mirror, and then what you see is a bad look with bad hair do, old school makeup and werid boring person in a normal dress. At that moment all of your expensive shopping and the time you have spent turned into a pile of dirt.

last day of june

I am really humbled and happy to read this (Tears of Joy). I can’t believe people really like my blog. Thank you so much my friend Aron 🙂 About Aron: He a young blogger, A fun and caring friend. I would like if you all check his blog and encourage him 🙂