the real winners

I was nominated by MAI  for Liebster Award, Thank you so much dear you’re a very kind person. I have already done a post on Liebster Award so I thought to do a Q/A I really like questions asked by Mai. Here are the answers!! YAY!! It’s fun to do this 🙂 (more…)


From today till Friday (17 June), TheLearnify will be posting guest posts, I am glad you all have participated and submitted your valuable posts!! Guest post will be published soon!!  Didn’t know about guest week, want to participate? THANK YOU 

Blogging Guide

We all want traffic on our blogs or websites and also want to earn money online but main thing is how we bring traffic to our sites? and reader approach us easily by typing few keyword on search engine.

Once Upon A Time!

Once upon a time, during summer vacations I decided to make new friends (birds). I bought new pots for birds and some beautiful bird houses and placed them on the roof. The next day I went upstairs along with bird food and filled all the pots and waited for birds to come and enjoy what I have arranged for them, but no bird came. I was a little depressed and came downstairs. (more…)

Wednesday-Tips and Tricks

Your brain is enriched with Tips & Tricks or some wonderful Stories & Ideas that you would love to share with Newswire Talk community? Send them our way, and I will publish the best Hacks, ideas and stories on my blog on every Wednesday. Take your time write what you Read more…