World Forgiveness Day

Everyday is a new chance to make your surrounding happier. So we should not miss this great opportunity. Let’s forget all troubles and disputes and start a new day by forgiving everyone!

Suggestion Required!

Hey all, so I was thinking about my URL I started “thelearnify” as a computer/techo related site as you’ve noticed some of my post are categorized in CS section. However now that you all like my motivational,  thoughts and life related posts.  I’m thinking about a new URL ” Read more…

Happy Father’s Day

They say you are in another world but you will be in my heart forever. Dad, your each word and your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me. I miss you <3 Happy Father’s Day to Everyone!!  ©TheLearnify


the real winners

I was nominated by MAI  for Liebster Award, Thank you so much dear you’re a very kind person. I have already done a post on Liebster Award so I thought to do a Q/A I really like questions asked by Mai. Here are the answers!! YAY!! It’s fun to do this 🙂 (more…)