Childhood Great Memories

Childhood is a gift that everyone has, Childhood means purity full of affection, love, empathy, simplicity and all sweet, adorable things. We all have lovely childhood just recall a few memories when you were with friends on a beach, park or playing at home. Making fun things with mom, dad and siblings. Those memories always relish your time and boost up your life.

Well, all have some cool sharable memories why not just share some here so that we cherish our time.

Childhood glimpse:  grew up in a small beautiful town full of greenery, fresh air and luckily there was a beautiful waterfall. I loved to go there every day along with my dad we enjoy playing and I also enjoy to do my homework over there it was so fun and fresh.

I love to play, create different things and yes one more thing I wrote my own magazine in my childhood. In which I wrote my own poems, stories, jokes and I liked to make my own puzzles… There are lots of other things that I loved like painting, live sketching, singing and many more. It was so fun. There are zillions of my fun memories that I love to recall. I’m sharing one of them here.

 My memory

” While I come back home from my school I used to hold a pencil in my hand so that if anyone ask me to give him/her my autograph I’ll give them ASAP. Now whenever I recall this memory I feel myself super crazy because I wasn’t famous and I was so little but yet at that time I always felt myself like a celebrity.”

This is the most weirdest and funniest memory as a child.

So, what about your childhood, share your great, weird, funny or any memory.

Yay! here you go … ! Thank you

 writing in respond to today’s one word prompt ” Childhood



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