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Save Spend Share — Change your way of utilizing money by saving for yourself or family, save to give others to make them happy to share their burden because a single penny could bring joy in others life and by spending on yourself, it is fun but always spend smartly because you don’t need to buy expensive things just to look classy or trendy. You need to be a brand in yourself, sounds crazy but it is true just wear what suits you  and you feel comfortable in.

  • Share: Sometimes we just forget about sharing, sometimes we open our drawer or pencil box and find some coins and look at them like what they are doing here, where we can spend these? we can get what we want! but you can share them with others to make them simple Get a box set your goal like you will give it to someone who need this money the most, on your birthday or anniversary, new year or any other occasion. You can simply set a date to share.
  • Save: Save every day even if you save one penny per day. You will enjoy the day you open your happy box.
  • Spend: Spend your money after saving, spend lots of but spend carefully and buy what is good for you.

I am on my voyage to save spend and share my money in a smart way here are some fun and interesting DIY ideas that relish your journey to utilize money.

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  • I simply love this cute Minnie mouse money jar you can make it by painting a jar into red color and adding a cute bow


  • Pringy fun boxes, So now you know how to use your empty chips containers!


  • woody boxes are simply cutest tiny boxes, You can create it with cardboard and chart paper add your fun stickers and enjoy.


  • Simply Glass! Just make a cute tag and wrap around on the top of the container.


  • Happy boxes, create it with chart paper add colors of your choice and start saving

images (1)

  • Techno storage, I loved this idea! create it with cardboard and colors


  • Printable box, Just print it cut it and glue it .

  • Coin bank! this one is amazing it is super classy and fun.

maxresdefault (2)Spare some money by Saving, Sharing, Spending!

Share your goals in comments below like when you are going to share?

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