how to write content for SEO in 2021?

How to Write Content for SEO in 2021

what is optimized content?

SEO content, simply put, is content that’s designed to rank on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Why SEO content is important?

You also think that every content is SEO content, but that’s not the matter. For example, we have Many studies on our blog, and most of them get little traffic or no organic traffic.

So, Write,“SEO Content.” That means very much, because it brings more potential clients at our website.

How to write SEO content?

Not all the blog that posts every day are SEO content, and effusion your heart and soul into your content does not guarantee for getting rankings, and traffic. But look again at what quantity traffic, it gets from search engines: So, if you would like your post for getting organic traffic, you would like to write it around a proven SEO framework. 

What is the framework? 

Framework looks something like this:

Also, download how to write content for SEO in 2021 PDF here:

So, now we discus framework in detail

Find a prove Topic

Before you even give some thought to putting pen to paper, you would like to search out a relevant topic with “traffic potential.”
To do this, give some thought to broad topics that your potential customers could be attempting to find.

Right away, we are see some great topic ideas, each with a lot of monthly searches. If we are looking on the Top Ranking pages we definitely see that It get an estimated visits a day from organic search. This happens due to the top-ranking page ranks for getting traffic from more queries

Analyze search intention

Searching engines like Google have investing more than billions of dollars to understand the true purpose behind searches. That is how they are able to give back relevant results even for more queries. So, you are writing SEO content, this is very much important, because if it does not analyze with search intention, your chances for ranking top on the search engine are similarly nothing. So, the similar answer is that to take opinion from the top ranking results by analyzing which we called the three C’s of search intention. So, three C’s of search intention are

  • Content type
  • Content format
  • Content angle

Write an outline upon it

The common top-ranking page are ranks for nearly 10,000 other relevant keywords in the top 10 pages

Because of this, it pays you to know which other keywords are listed on the Advanced Pages when you create your layout so that you can rank for them as well.

You may find that many of these synonyms or less are for the same search, but some should give your insight into what searchers want to see from this page.

Note that you should not include these words and phrases in your publication, but instead use the angle of your content to iron out and create a somewhat outline.

Make your Content visually attractive

Most people do not like reading a bundle of text. If you have written more than a minor sentence, then you must work to break the sentence.                                   

The most Useful way to do this is with images. 

You will notice that a lot of our posts on the thelearnify include explained images.

Most of the studies usually show that visuals help very much to people understand and comprehend content, so adding some useful images and videos can improve user satisfaction which we usually know is important to Google.

Adding some images and videos can also help your content to rank top in Google’s image and video tabs.

Upload your post

Nothing you can do with SEO, but here is some important tip to save some important time if you use WordPress: Write your content in Google Docs and upload it with Wordable. It takes only one click to post your content complete with images to WordPress. It’s ready for publishing in seconds

Is “content” enough to rank?

Therefore, while it is sufficient to create perfectly relevant content to promote the rank of the least competitive titles, links to these difficult topics are still important links for which many brands want to rank. But here’s the thing: content and links are somewhat interconnected. In other words, no one wants to link to shoddy or trivial content. They link to content that is valuable to their visitors. Although link building is a separate and complex topic, there are ways to use your own content to improve your ability.

  • Make it a resource for a topic
    Stop it, and people are more likely to link to your leader with others..
  • Introduce Unique Data

Having individual data means that people will cite you as a source for that data

  • Making it as available as possible

People will not link to anything that is confusing or difficult to read.

Last thoughts

 It makes sense to follow a proven SEO framework for writing content, and it definitely improves your ranking chances. But it’s important to remember that things don’t always work out, no matter what you do.

It’s a proven topic, the post aligns with search intent, and it covers the topic comprehensively yet it doesn’t even rank in the top 100.If this happens, it’s not the end of the world. Just write and publish the content and try again.   

We did this with our guide to drive more traffic to your site, and the traffic and rankings went through the roof. You can also write content when traffic starts to drop

Aqsa Arshad

I am expert in technical SEO, with over 3 years of search engine optimization experience in 5 industries, including technology, healthcare, and nonprofits. I enjoy learning and implementing new SEO trends and love to write about SEO techniques and DIY SEO guides. With the growing competition in digital marketing, my most recent knowledge includes how to make the most of Google Ads, and added Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to my skill set. I am working as SEO specialist at ProServeIT and am responsible for all of ProServeIT's SEO & PPC campaigns.

When I am not thinking about SEO, I love reading, cooking & gardening.

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