Once Upon A Time!

Once upon a time, during summer vacations I decided to make new friends (birds). I bought new pots for birds and some beautiful bird houses and placed them on the roof. The next day I went upstairs along with bird food and filled all the pots and waited for birds to come and enjoy what I have arranged for them, but no bird came. I wasΒ a little depressed and came downstairs. Next day I went on the roof again to check if the birds came and enjoyed their food! with the hope that I will see lots of birds awaiting for me, I opened the door I looked at the pots all pots were filled because “no bird came”. I was worried that how I will make new friends now. I spread the bird food on different places where there was a chance that birds will come and eat food. I came back in my room with the thoughts that, “now birds will come and eat food”.

Next morning, I wake up early and went on the roof happily with the fellΒ that now my all efforts will not go in vein and lots of birds would be there, but what I saw as I opened the door that “there were no birds on the roof”. I thought myself, that what I am doing wrong and why birds aren’t coming to eat food, when I have placed it everywhere.

I came down and started working on my projects, after three days I remembered about birdsΒ and thought I should check and see if birds came or not. I knew no bird would have come I am going to waste my time but I still went upstairs and opened the door!!

This time what I saw was amazing and different, there were lots of birds sitting on roof near pots and waiting for food. I was so happy that I found so many friends.

Now every day I go on the roof, where all the birds are waiting for me, near pots or flying here and there and now it is the best moment of my life.

What I have learned from this, is I must be patience in all situation of my life. The day I started my blog I started with enthusiasm, empathy and encouragement moreover I am much patience about it’s progress because I know unless I don’t provide amazing content and spread amongΒ people. Nobody will read my posts.

In life if you ever feel down and feel like there is no success just remember it takes time and in this world where there are lots of brainy people doing amazing work, You have to set your identity with your amazing work..

Thank you for reading!!


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