Hello, young bloggers! If you are new on blogging and have lots of ideas to share, stories to inspire others, dreams to achieve your blogging goals, but puzzled how to start? don’t worry it’s not so complicated as you are thinking! Your success is just a few steps away. All you need is to follow these guidelines and start your journey

Here are your steps towards success:

Step 1: Create a blog

Step 2: Give an awesome name to your blog that is easily searchable.

Step 3: Write an awesome tagline of your blog.

Step 4: Carefully select a theme and work on it, set it according to you.

Step 5: Select your niche to write content. If you don’t have any, then go with the flow.

Step 6: Make your blog more readable and navigatable.

Step 7:  Visit other blogs, interact with others.

Step 8: Use pictorials to illustrate your work.

Step 9: Write amazing things.

Step 10: Add tags and keywords to your posts.Step 8: Set up your profile, gravatar, about page.

Step 11: Set up your profile, gravatar, about page.

Step 12: Join SM groups, Pinterest board, twitter, LinkedIn, create your email list.

Step 13: create your page, board, group.

Step 14: Share Share Share!!!!

Don’t rush or worry! just enjoy what you want to write and tell the world. It will take some time to reach on the top. Initially, just assume like your blog is like a pearl and it’s somewhere deep in an ocean and you are the one to bring it to the TOP, and you can do it!

Also, check WordPress Quick Edit Tools and Blogging Guide Course.

Need some motivation? must read this Say yes to Hard-work.

Thanks for stopping by. Give your feedback and suggestion on this post or ask any questions. I would love to help you.a

Best of LUCK!


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