Who are The Real Winners

The real winners are always the onse who work really hard. They never afraid of trying something new because they know they can lose something in this journey but they will achieve somethingĀ better. They don’t listen to people who say that you can not do. They are stubborn about their Read more…

Make up tutorial

Inner Beauty Booster Make Up Tutorial

You have all perfect things to rule the world and You spent 90 minutes on your hair do and makeup but before sitting in the car, you turned back to see your final look in the mirror, and then what you see is a bad look with bad hair do, old school makeup and werid boring person in a normal dress. At that moment all of your expensive shopping and the time you have spent turned into a pile of dirt.

My July 2016 Goals

Hello everybody!! How are you doing! (Sorry for beingĀ absentĀ I am bit busy with newĀ assignments) July is here and I am enjoying it completely(it’s my birthday month šŸ˜€ ). I was not an organized person but from past 3+ months I feel like I should stop being careless and start living life of a responsible person. That’s why I am trying to be organized.

I have set someĀ goals forĀ Ā July.Ā  (more…)

World Forgiveness Day

Everyday is a new chance to make your surrounding happier. So we should not miss this great opportunity. Let’s forget all troubles and disputes and start a new day by forgiving everyone!


From today till Friday (17 June), TheLearnify will be posting guest posts, I am glad you all have participated and submitted your valuable posts!! Guest post will be published soon!! Ā Didn’t know about guest week, want to participate? THANK YOUĀ 

7 ways to Change life

It happens many time, when we feel monotonous and dull having nothing to do or enjoy but every problem comes with a solution with Ā these panacea you can get out of tedious routine.Ā  Letā€™s do it to change life 1: Letā€™s DIY Many times itā€™s just too hard to figure Read more…