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Top 10 WordPress Themes for Blogs [2021 Edition]

WordPress is a web publishing software that you can use to create your own website or blog. Since its release in 2003, WordPress has become a popular web publishing platform. And Today, it has more than 35% power across the web from hobby blogs to some popular websites online. WordPress enables you to create, and manage your own full-featured website using just your web browser. In fact, if you’ve ever used a text editor such as Microsoft Word, you’ll be at home with a WordPress editor.

Let’s check the top 10 WordPress themes for your blog

Whether you are looking for the best WordPress themes for business, the best WordPress themes for blogs, or just a beautiful and affordable website for any purpose, these powerful themes shake people up and make them visible.

1. Ocean WP [Preview — Download]

  • Ocean WP is a single theme, but it’s so customizable that it feels like getting more than one theme at a time. With over 3 million downloads, using this ultra-flexible theme, you have a good chance of coming across some websites.
  • What really stands out about Ocean WP is its demos. These are basically fully built websites that you can copy and then customize.
  • This theme is fully responsive, offers speedy load times, built-in SEO features, and is translation ready.
  • So, if your business sells physical, or digital products, Ocean WP has you covered with built-in WooCommerce functionality.

2. Ascent [Preview – Download]

  • WordPress Theme Ascent is designed with responsiveness in mind. This means it will look great on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops of all sizes. The advanced technology used is based on CSS3 and HTML5.
  • What I like about Ascent is the greatness of the slider that appears above the header. This is nothing more than a personal blog.
  • This is the dream of a visual blogger. In other words, your photos get an extra refinement that sets them apart from the rest. If you’re a, digital marketer, or content marketer, you can use Ascent to improve the user experience.
  • Making it one of the most popular WordPress themes, both professional and free. The right and left sidebars give you more flexibility, and this theme is ready for translation. This is important if you are serving a wider audience in different languages.

3. Sparkling [Preview – Download]

  • It’s time to make your personal blog shine. If you’re looking for a flat, clean, and professional-looking theme, Sparkling may be the one for you. It was developed using Bootstrap 3
  • This modern theme has a feature that makes it display well on smartphones, desktops, tablets, and other devices.
  • This WordPress theme is unique to millions of people because of its pixel-perfect layout, full-screen slider, and widgets that you will love. Sparkling is designed to be premium in design, and all content marketers who pride themselves on content above all else will benefit from it

4. Dazzling[Preview – Download]

  • Dazzling is an invaluable responsive theme. It is developed using Bootstrap 3 and comes with the optional full-screen slider.
  • This is useful when you are building your first Website This flat theme has mint green accent colors and motivates you to take the best approach to content marketing. I love this theme because it is clean, invincible, and will enhance your personal brand.
  • What else do you want? The flip screen slider will benefit startup entrepreneurs, CEOs, and public speakers as they use it to display their keynote speeches or other keynote presentations

5. Ample  [Preview – Download]

  • The latest personalize your blog-eye takes in and professional theme. Ample is free, which is a feature-rich minimalist and multipurpose Theme customizing your options to your site layout and setting the metrics to the right.
  • Mobile device flexibility helps you search engine results.
  • So, what is it’s necessary to come to the place of domicile of thy name, from the professional logo that will appeal to your target audience by adding that which is essential to the header?
  • Large multipurpose WordPress blog theme has given suitable personal use in business or industry in and play well, but it’s particularly useful for authors, just that, book review writers.

6. Sinatra [Preview – Download]


  • If the theme looks professional, it’s going to give you that makes you think you just have complained over the world. Perhaps a personal blog as a beginner, but it cannot Ask you – that you are already on the right foot.
  • Victoria is one of the most trivial and easily Clinical WordPress themes that you can download for free. It’s a Sinatra team designed.
  • However, while it’s free because then you can download this blog.
  • The mobile responsive Maoris-friendly and contains multiple layouts for customizing your blog content that gets your attention. There is also Maoris translatable and built with best practices in mind.

7. Business [Preview – Download]

  • The Business WordPress theme may be free, but it comes with premium functionalities that make it easy to advertise on your blog like a pro.
  • In addition to the monetization aspect, a post is also a top priority.
  • It is easy for you that you can customize your logo, header image, background color, or other images.
  • Its responsive design with a drag and drop slideshow interface gives you an extra experience, and your site visitors will love it.

8. Airi [Preview – Download]

  • Airi is the right WordPress theme use in any kind of business is pretty much an Iconic site. For example, if you run a digital camera reviews blog, you can use this theme to display the best shot, published works, and more.
  • The argument he gives a great element of the mass of an element to be moved more easily fuses to build the plugin. Tomorrow supports your business or sells it, even if physical-digital products.
  • Airi should be no more tests, and a bunch of which is proposed to, edit, and publish it. If you want the best resolution for your home.

9. Esteem [Preview – Download]

  • Most beginners of blogging are looking for a WordPress theme that will offer their samples so that potential clients can easily find them. If this is the case for you, then Esteem will be the right personal blog theme for you.
  • Honor is a simple theme that offers unlimited theme color options so you can change the look and feel of your own site to stand out from the competition. Esteem Theme comes with two custom themes. A theme is custom built to showcase your products, portfolio or services.
  • You can upload and set your custom logo and site title from the theme options panel. If you want to achieve traction, nurture a loyal audience, and establish your brand online, you should get a custom header image of the Esteem theme.

10. QuickStart [Preview – Download]

  • This is a free and professional theme from Gab fire What sets this theme apart is the fact that you can customize the layout of your personal blog the way you want. Your category page should not be too long for articles.
  • Now you can put the right content there and re-engage your audience. From the Themes Control Panel, you can quickly select alternative header templates. No coding experience is required to effect this change in highly responsive design.
  • Localization support is also enabled, as Quest Start was designed to appeal to international and local site owners. It supports multiple languages ​​and is compatible with WPML’s multilingual plugin.
  • There is another feature that makes this theme unique. Gabe Fire Module. This is an extended functionality that enables users to embed video and default post images, thus eliminating the hassle of embedding YouTube videos.
  • The Quest Start Free WordPress Theme is equipped with a single post image slider, category templates, page templates, and advanced control panel. This search engine optimized and mobile is one of our favorite mobile WordPress themes.

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