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WHAT IS META DESCRIPTION & How to Write the Best Meta Description?

Meta description

Is an HTML attribute that summarizes a web page. Search engines like Google often show meta images in their search results that can affect the click-through rate. The meta corruption tag in HTML is a 160-character fragment used to summarize the content of a web page.


The meta description tag is usually to be a brief story of the content found on the online page. While the title tag is incredibly short, meta description gives you a small amount more room to inform users what you’re providing, and it allows the best reason to click through to our page.



  1. Have unique and simple descriptions for every web page on your site.
  2. Create a compelling description using the same keywords.
  3. Make sure that your description is what the searcher will search for.
  4. Provide only a little information to explain what the page is about but not so much that it ruins the factor.
  5. Include a call to action within your meta description to give your viewer a clear and simple instruction of what action to take and what’s in it for them.
  6. Keep your meta descriptions between 140 and 154 characters. If they’re too long, then the search engines will cut off the extra characters automatically.


  • Description
  • Author
  • Viewport
  • keywords

Optimal length

simply the meta description consists of 50 to 154 words. If your meta description is larger than this amount of word the search engine will automatically cut off the extra word’s. length is vary depending on the providing situation

Optimal format

Firstly, meta descriptions play an important role to increase your viewer, so it’s must be unique and simple. These short paragraphs are webmaster’s it helps the reader to open your contact and read it. If the meta description is not good, then there will be no traffic on your web page people will not come and you will not grow so try to focus on meta description.

Avoid meta description duplicate

Do not write the same meta description in your every content use different or unique words otherwise search engine will show the different result to the reader.

Double quotation marks

Always keep in mind that not use double quotation marks in your description otherwise search engine will delete it when it occurs on SERP. To be safe from this happening simply don’t use any symbolic alphabet.


It directly not helps you to gain your ranking on a search engine, but help you to gain your traffic on your web page. It is quite simple and easy just follow the above tips and write your description you will find a solid result.


Aqsa Arshad

I am expert in technical SEO, with over 3 years of search engine optimization experience in 5 industries, including technology, healthcare, and nonprofits. I enjoy learning and implementing new SEO trends and love to write about SEO techniques and DIY SEO guides. With the growing competition in digital marketing, my most recent knowledge includes how to make the most of Google Ads, and added Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to my skill set. I am working as SEO specialist at ProServeIT and am responsible for all of ProServeIT's SEO & PPC campaigns.

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